QRC: Bridging the Compliance Gap

A major rift exists between the rapidly growing blockchain economy and traditional financial structures. While blockchain businesses raise billions of dollars in ICOs and digital asset exchanges earn record-breaking profits, major financial institutions and regulators alike remain wary.

In our view, RegTech is the solution. Already streamlining compliance for businesses everywhere, regulatory technology is set to build the blockchain-powered future of tomorrow.

At QRC, we are working tirelessly to build this RegTech. Already, we offer a host of products and services to ICO projects, exchanges, and other blockchain businesses that enable end-to-end compliance.

Our ServiceS


  • Compliance advisory and consulting
  • Smart contract development and auditing

  • PR and marketing

  • Whitepapers

  • Token design

  • Operational services:

    • For ICOs: Investor onboarding and support

    • For Exchanges: Operational management and customer support

    • AML/KYC compliance

  • ICO strategy and planning


Who We Are

QRC Group is the industry leader in blockchain RegTech. In the advancing landscape of the token economy, we offers end-to-end compliance as a service to blockchain businesses everywhere, advances RegTech development, and invests in compliance-focussed projects.


QRC Hub is a one-stop-shop for the token economy. From the hub, we provide professional services to ICO projects, exchanges, and other blockchain businesses. Additionally, the hub organizes hackathons, meetups, and conferences all around the world in order to promote compliant decentralization. 




QRC Ventures is our investment arm, investing in RegTech projects and tools that contribute positively to the mainstreaming of blockchain tech. Our growing portfolio of investments together form a truly compliant token-powered ecosystem. Our investment focus is blockchain-agnostic and purely international.


QRC Institute has been built to drive innovation within our company, as well as in the greater economy. At the Institute, we work hand-in-hand with top universities and research labs to push towards achieving the goals of streamlined compliance and decentralization.

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