Regulation as a Platform


2018 is the beginning of the age of blockchain compliance. We can expect that after many years of limitless innovation will come a new wave of compliant blockchain systems. QRC is pioneering a new trend of layering compliance into public blockchain creating a hybrid approach with the principle aim of increasing safe access to blockchain products and to give token offerings full accountability and compliance. At QRC we are building the regtech infrastructure to take public blockchain innovation to the mainstream.


qRC Group 


QRC is split into three groups. One we provide a one-stop-shop for startups or businesses intending to do compliant token offerings including providing an exchange for their tokens; that is through QRC Hub. We invest in regtech tools and applications and have a Chinese focused blockchain venture platform - that is QRC Ventures. And we have an education division called QRC Institute that does research and development into Regtech including product development. Contact us below if you would like to know more about our regtech offerings.