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At QRC, we provide RegTech solutions that help blockchain businesses integrate into the mainstream economy. At the 'Hub' we bring those solutions together to offer real professional services to our clients. These clients primarily fall into two categories - ICO projects and digital asset exchanges.

Full service management

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QRC & Partners' Full-Service Solutions


Setting up your token sale platforms


Holdex makes token offering participation easy for investors by generating a user-interface that onboards users and accepts payments over the course of the token sale. Holdex is a white label solution, so token offering  projects are able to present their own branding on the platform.

Blockpass is a self-sovereign identity application. Users are able to create digital identities that can be used to invest in the utility/security  offerings. Blockpass reduces KYC compliance costs for utility/security projects by using a shared-cost infrastructure.


Coinfirm empowers blockchain businesses with the tools they need to manage risk. The Coinfirm platform includes tools for customer due diligence - KYC/AML/CTF compliance. Coinfirm brings business intelligence to the blockchain industry.


security for your digital assets

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Your token smart contract must be kept secure. Our cybersecurity solution, Iron Tokens, is a full-service vault storage platform for hardware wallets containing smart contract keys. Funds stored in an Iron Tokens vault are insured for its full valued. When tokens are purchased, the funds raised are sent directly to the vault.

We will help your board of directors create a governance based access procedure for your Iron Tokens vault, and ensure security when it is time to withdraw the funds raised during your ICO.


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