RegTech Products for Blockchain Compliance 

For blockchain companies seeking mainstream adoption for their products, compliance is key. At QRC, we invest in, build, and distribute RegTech solutions that streamline compliance for blockchain businesses.

QRC Hub is your one-stop-shop for these solutions. At the ‘hub’ our team of specialists can guide you through the compliance process. Whether you need cutting-edge due-dilligence software or a way to keep your company and your clients safe, QRC has the solution for you.

Blockpass is a self-sovereign identity application. Users are able to create digital identities that can be used to access regulated services, like banks and exchanges, online. Blockpass reduces KYC compliance costs for service providers by implementing a shared-cost infrastructure and reusable identities for all consumer clients..


Coinfirm empowers blockchain businesses with the tools they need to manage risk. The Coinfirm platform includes technology for customer due diligence, namely KYC/AML and CTF compliance. Coinfirm has already streamlined operations for dozens of clients, including banks, token sales, and exchanges.

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Cryptocurrencies and tokens must be kept secure. Our cybersecurity solution, Iron Tokens, is a full-service vault storage platform for hardware wallets. All funds secured by Iron Tokens are insured for their full value. Clients of Iron Tokens include investment funds, large corporations, blockchain startups and high net worth individuals.

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