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At QRC, we build RegTech solutions that help blockchain businesses integrate into the mainstream economy. At the 'Hub' we bring those solutions together to offer real professional services to our clients. These clients primarly fall into two categories - ICO projects and digital asset exchanges.


The QRC Full-Service ICO Platform


Step 1: A legal foundation for your business


Our team will begin by guiding you through the incorporation process. Our onchain incorporation tool, Tandem, accelerates this process. Once incorporated, your ICO project will be in a proper position to meet compliance requirements in a greater number of jurisdictions.

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A  legal basis for your business is achieved through our online legal document tool, Aperta. Available to users as a web application, Aperta enables ICO projects to create, manage, sign, and store custom-crafted legal documents. Our legal support team will guide you through every step of this process.


Step 2: Token Concept and Business Modelling


Creating token concepts that balance regulatory compliance with token sellability is essential for ICO success. Our team is unique in the industry in that we have expertise in building token models that both sell and comply with regulations.

Once the token is properly modelled, we can help to elaborate on your project mission and product by drafting a token sale whitepaper and other prospectus documents. We express your project’s commitment to effective compliance as we present your business strategy to the public.


Step 3: Token Development and Technical Infrastructure:


The development of smart contracts that are tailored to the needs of your ICO does not need to be a painful process. At this point, we take the token sale agreements that were generated on the Aperta platform and run them through Klixza, our tool which automates the creation of smart contracts.  

Our development and marketing teams will help to build a dedicated website for your ICO. Investors will be able to access an investment portal that is tailored to your project’s needs. From this portal, which is provided as a white label by our partners at Holdex, investors will be able to go through KYC procedures, get whitelisted, and participate in your ICO.



Step 4: Cybersecurity

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Your token smart contract must be kept secure. Our cybersecurity solution, Iron Tokens, is a full-service vault storage platform for hardware wallets containing smart contract keys. Funds stored in an Iron Tokens vault are insured for its full valued. When tokens are purchased, the funds raised are sent directly to the vault.


We will help your board of directors create a governance based access procedure for your Iron Tokens vault, and ensure security when it is time to withdraw the funds raised during your ICO.



Step 5: ICO Operational Support


Over the course of your ICO, our operational team will coordinate KYC and AML compliance by instituting investor due diligence.  We manage a worldwide network of experts in the analysis of personal identity documents.

Additionally, whitelisting can be automated using our Blockpass and Coinfirm products. Investors in your ICO will be able to submit queries to a support team at one of our contact centers and submit payment through the Holdex white label


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