QRC provides businesses with complete IEO advisory services that allow firms to secure capital for their enterprise. Leveraging our connections and experience within the RegTech industry, QRC guides firms in building a sound legal structure, becoming and staying compliant with government regulations, developing innovative technology and tokenomics, leveraging the best security and utility token distribution platforms, building partnerships and facilitating capital introductions. 

Here is QRC’s 9 step process for an IEO:


1. Build A Powerful Team & Advisory Network

QRC will help you build and form a high-performance team that protects you legally, drives your capital introductions, leapfrog your technical innovation and builds on your intellectual property. We connect you world-class advisors to enhance the credibility of your IEO which translates to more capital raised.


2. International Regulatory Compliance

Securities Laws differ between industry and location. With this in mind, QRC will guide you in identifying the best legal jurisdiction to run your IEO and ensure there is a solid legal framework to proceed. Upon establishing which jurisdiction to enter, QRC will advise you in making sure that you are following the correct laws and regulations upon creating an IEO.


3. Business & Token Model

QRC will review your business plan and conduct a team assessment. We will then work with you to conduct a market feasibility study, capital structure plan, and develop a compelling token model. Whether you are designing a fungible or non-fungible token, a utility token ecosystem that uses a subscription, pay-per-use or freemium model, we can help.


4. Technology/Token Distribution Platform

 Selecting the correct token distribution platform for your IEO is vital for its success, whether you choose Polymath, Securitize, Harbor, Swarm or Securrancy. (Find out why we prefer Polymath) We will then set up custodial service, insurance, and other safeguards as needed.


5. STO Website & Whitepaper

To support your IEO, it is a must to have a website and whitepaper. Your website is a hub where investors can learn more about your business, understand the investment process and register to be new token holders. Important website elements include an investor dashboard, IEO documentation, news, executive team, legal review and more, all of which will be backed by excellent UX/design.

Likewise, as we help in creating your whitepaper, it will have a number of crucial elements that include discussion on the technical depth, innovation, and significance of your offerings. Most importantly, it will have evidence on the value of your solution to the global market of which an investor would be most interested. The polish of your whitepaper will directly affect the result of your IEO and compliance.


6. IEO Marketing

In the current marketing landscape for tokenization and IEOs there are bans on online ads containing specific keywords. You must shift your press release timing, and drive capital introductions through events, dinners, meet-ups, personal phone calls, and face-to-face meetings to close deals early on. Mass PR is designed for Public and Main sales to drive token prices up for early investors. Social media like Telegram are strong at building awareness and engagement. QRC is here to handle the front and back-end operations for you. 


7. IEO Listings & Global Capital Introductions

QRC can introduce you to 3000+ family offices, 10,000 institutional investors, and 40,000 VCs, angels and retail investors worldwide. We know that investors from Hong Kong have a different risk profile than those from Singapore, the USA, Brazil, UK and Germany. Find out from QRC how to treat these segments; who to approach first and the optimal messaging.

QRC also works hard on procuring the best listing fees for you with exchanges. We know which exchanges have the most traffic and raise the most.  After finalizing on one or more, we will continue with announcing to investors, perform regulatory reporting as needed. We know liquidity is important to tokenholders.


8. Ongoing PR/Crisis Management

Public relations are important to build brand awareness for the firm’s operations after the capital raise: to get customers, partners, and employees. QRC can provide resources on press release creation, social media management, event production and more. 

In the event of a PR crisis: we will facilitate a well-planned crisis management PR program, with executive communication management, media training and preparing your executives or media contacts


9. Performance / Build the Business

Build your business, hire talent, market and develop your technology consistent with your prospectus use of funds. Deviating significantly from your promised use of funds can land you in jail as regulators may view that as fraud.  

 QRC can provide support on governance, strategic management, global marketing and operations and logistics, international financial management, recruitment, and technology roadmap development.

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