QRC Delivers Speech at the University of Malaya

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On March 15, 2019, the CEO of QRC, Shogo Ishida, gave a speech on “Global RegTech Trend in Blockchain Industry” during the first edition of UM RegTech Talk Series titled “Introduction to the RegTech Ecosystem” at the University of Malaya. 

Shogo started off by giving a brief introduction of his life, the dream he had and through growing up, the achievement he would like to make: something that will really contribute to the world. He realized it by setting footsteps in countless countries through the 120+ business trips to explore business opportunities around the world.  To relate his lifelong goal and making the right career choice, Shogo then moved on to share with the students the global economic change, with a detailed analysis on blockchain and the economy, later with a focus on blockchain and the public initiatives—a notable 200+ blockchain initiatives in 45 countries by the public sector. Shogo further illustrated how blockchain now is leading the way by studying the outlook of the global blockchain tech market, followed with an emphasis on how worldwide renowned companies like Alibaba, JP Morgan Chase, GM Financial, Merck, and other healthcare organizations have been active in blockchain innovation. Overall the audience found Shogo’s presentation astounding and was deeply impressed by his profession and dedication.