QRC Group Appoints New CEO and Chairman

QRC Group is proud to announce the appointment of Shogo Ishida as the Chief Executive Officer, and Adam Vaziri as the Chairman with immediate effect.

Shogo is the CEO and Founder of BPM Ltd. in Hong Kong. BPM is the leading comprehensive marketing service supplier for new generation technology, including blockchain, FinTech and RegTech. Shogo has an extensive career in both public and private sectors, including the diplomatic mission, legislative works for Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Japan, and leading a consulting firm in Dubai. 

Adam is a blockchain lawyer and founder of London and Hong Kong based Diacle, which assists blockchain & fintech projects with compliance. He is a tireless blockchain entrepreneur and ‘bitcoin pioneer’ as labeled by Bitcoin Magazine, also the Director of UK Digital Currency Association (UKDCA), which lobbied for and achieved the most favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrency in the world. He founded or co-founded several successful blockchain businesses other than Diacle (2013): Bitlegal.io (2014), Chain of Things (2016), QRC (2017), and Blockpass (also 2017).