Our mission is to bring blockchain technology to the masses. We believe token finance is now a part of startup culture but that correct rules are required to ensure consumer protection and compliance. 


Our Mission

Blockchain assets are risky. This is due to the bearer qualities of them. We are building a new generation of blockchain digital assets. These assets work on P2P networks but have embedded compliance. We are also investing heavily in regtech for blockchain as new infrastructure to allow for the building of compliant blockchain applications. 

Our goal is to develop hybrid blockchain technology that achieves full decentralisation and compliance at the same time.
— Adam Vaziri, QRC.Group


What We've Achieved

  • Building first KYC verification system for public blockchain projects
  • Supporting Coinfirm to develop new AML analytics services for different blockchains
  • Applying for licences as a cryptocurrency exchange in the Isle of Man and Japan
  • Applying to be licensed as an E-Money Institution in the EU 
  • Working with the University of Malaya on a Regtech and blockchain research project 
  • Building the first KYC embedded smart contract exchange to act as the first market for our new generation of digital assets 
  • Exploring with partners and joint ventures new financial institutions built on the regtech tools supported by QRC

Regulation as a Platform

Good innovation creates better access. The internet has created huge inclusiveness for billions so is arguably the best innovation of the past 100 years. 

The blockchain changes not how we communicate but how value is transferred. Bitcoin demonstrated the power of a P2P payment system with almost free international payments becoming possible. This simply changes everything we can expect from a financial system.  

The Internet of Value is different to the internet of communications. The way value is transferred or transacted is regulated.

It is our view therefore that Blockchain cannot disrupt an already regulated industry without having regulation at its heart.

At QRC we also believe that the public internet made the Information Age possible not a private 'infranet' network. We want to work with public blockchain technology to make it possible to be compliant and interact with such technology.

Our philosophy is therefore to build hybrid systems that combine the universal access of a public blockchain and strict requirements of compliance expected of any financial institution.

The hybrid assets we will help create will be compliant and decentralised at the same time. 

We want to build the regtech infrastructure to make it easy to innovate on a public permissionless blockchain in a regulated industry.

In addition, we want to lower the barrier of entry for blockchain startups in a regulated sector. That barrier to entry is always licensing and compliance. We will build a 'plug and play' regulatory hosting portal for such startups.

Hybrid digital assets will be liquid too as QRC is building the first exchange to host this new generation of blockchain assets and will be the first exchange to integrate a distributed KYC verification system, Blockpass.