Adam Vaziri
Co-Founder & Chairman

Adam is a blockchain lawyer and co-founded QRC to fund and accelerate blockchain products that use RegTech and GovTech. He is also the Founder of London and Hong Kong-based Diacle, which assists blockchain & Fintech projects with compliance. Adam is a tireless blockchain entrepreneur and ‘bitcoin pioneer’ as labeled by Bitcoin Magazine and is also Director of the UKDCA, which lobbied for and achieved the most favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrency in the world. Since 2014, Adam has run bitlegal.io – a global tracker for blockchain law that was featured by CNN and The Washington Post. Adam is a member of Chain-Finance.com which provides dedicated news/events about the blockchain financial services industry.


Shogo Ishida
Chief Executive Officer

Shogo has an extensive career in both the public and private sectors, including diplomatic missions, legislative works for ministerial officials of Japan, and Deputy Managing Director and CFO for a private company in Dubai. He is the Founder of BPM Ltd. in Hong Kong, a leading comprehensive marketing service supplier for new generation technology and formerly the Marketing Director of Quanta Group. Throughout his career, Shogo helped raise USD $300 million for two companies.

Michael Lee

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